Thank you for visiting the Daniels Business Solutions website!  I’m Becky Daniels, and my passion is helping small business owners feel empowered about their finances and business.

Being a small business owner can feel really lonely, although you are constantly surrounded by others.  Filling the needs of others (all.day.long) and having to be the ultimate decision maker for every single thing can be tremendously exhausting.  In addition to helping owners improve their profitability, I also aim to help you feel a little less alone.

As a professional bookkeeper and a process improvement engineer, I am uniquely skilled to help improve your bottom line while also creating systems that ensure profitability in your business.  These systems can also help reduce both the number of daily decisions you have to make and the demands of your time outside of the work you started your business to do.  This makes it possible to increase productivity and reduce stress for you AND your staff.

I work remotely, so I can serve business owners anywhere in the United States.

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How do we ensure profitability?

Without accurate and timely financial information, sound business decisions cannot be made. This is the bedrock foundation of creating sustained profitability in your business.

This is absolutely the No Judgement Zone. Here’s a little secret: no one gets it right the first time. When figuring out how to get where you want to go on a road map, the first thing you have to do is identify where you are. That’s what happens in this step.

This is where we plan for sustained, reliable, and predictable profitability. This is the secret sauce. We create a system that will serve you and your business with a rock solid financial foundation that will withstand the heavy load of growth and sustainable profitability.

Through a combination of annual and quarterly meetings and scheduled monthly deliverables, we bring your business from making gut decisions to making measured choices based on facts.

In short, we create opportunities for you to grow your business in a way that eliminates sleepless nights.

Let’s get started. Drop me a line at Becky@DanielsBusinessSolutions.com.