Why is your focus on profit advisory?

I have spent years working with small business owners who are relentlessly busy. They barely have time for their families, and they are just scratching the surface of meeting their personal and business financial goals. When I would bring up proactive ways that they could reshape the profitability of their businesses I would always get the same response, “I hope I can do that some day, but right now I just don’t have time.” I watched this can get kicked down the road over and over again. I found myself often wondering why they were in business at all if it wasn’t to maximize profitability. Then one day I understood. These business owners needed a system that took their goals, broke it down into bite sized pieces, and provided directives regularly that would ensure that the financial foundation of their business was sound. My driving force is watching business owners see that profit success!

What types of businesses do you work with?

I’m less concerned about what type of business you have, and much more interested in what type of business owner you are. When a potential client comes to me there are a lot of things that I look for, but the main thing is a genuine desire to effect change in the finances of their businesses.

What do you offer for your monthly bookkeeping clients?

All monthly bookkeeping clients get the same basic services.  These include:

  • Recording journals
  • Post general ledger
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Post earning records
  • Prepare monthly financial statements

My Profit Advisory Services also include:

  • Identifying your personal and business financial goals, and creating a plan to get there. I do this through regularly scheduled teleconferences quarterly and annually.
  • Benchmarking your expenses/revenues/gross and net profits against other similar businesses in the US.
  • Providing detailed instructions each month on the 20 – 30 minutes of steps you must take to ensure your profitability.

Because I want your business to grow and develop just like you do, I also include:

  • A “Red, Yellow, and Green Light” Monthly Analysis.  Each month I will analyze your financial statements to give you something you should fix immediately, something you should keep an eye on, and something you are doing really well.

Some clients have additional needs that can always be added on, including but not limited to:

  • Accounts payable processing
  • Budgeting
  • Key Performance Indicator Reviews

Becky, I hear that you like to watch Tennessee football and basketball.  Who are your favorite current players?

Great question!  I’m really proud of Hendon Hooker, and the way he has dedicated himself to being the best he can possibly be.

For basketball, I really love Zakai Zeigler. How can you not? The heart he has is the reason I love college athletics so much.

Do you have more questions?  Email me at becky@danielsbusinesssolutions.com