Small Businesses with Teeth!

I can remember when I was in seventh grade, and my dad decided to enroll in an MBA program for physicians.  The program would keep him away from home more than usual, so he was, as he was wont to do, deliberately explaining this to me as if I was an adult.  He told me that physicians go to medical school and residency for years (and years), and they are expected to come out the other side as small business owners.  Yet, they have no background in business and no business education.

He had been a partner in a very successful internal medicine practice since he completed his training, and had recently purchased the walk-in clinics that the practice had started.  Suddenly, he was without partners.  Without sounding boards.  Without a group decision making system for checks and balances.  He was completely on his own.  Sink or swim.  While this was just what he wanted, it made him feel very alone in his professional life.  He was simply doing what he always did when he felt unsure of himself, he was educating himself.

Most practitioners, medical or dental, don’t have the time or interest to get a professional MBA, but they still want to be able to run successful practices.  And they really don’t want to feel alone in their businesses.

My career progression into bookkeeping and small business consulting for dental practices has been the natural evolution of that conversation with my dad, more years ago than I care to count.  I want to help empower dentists to take charge of their business with confidence in order to create the life and business they want to have, now and in the future.

So, you can do what you know how to do, and I can do what I know how to do.  No professional MBA required.

Let’s started the conversation.  Email me at

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