Day 30 of 31 Days to Freedom in Your Business

Today we are talking about something very practical and tactical.

Plan next week on Friday afternoon.

Every Friday I clear my inbox, then schedule the next week out.  I have a printable template that I use to block my time as needed.  This is where I see what next week’s priorities, time constraints, and plans are.

This will ensure that your priorities don’t get lost in your to-do’s.

I want to be clear…I never ever ever stick to my plan completely.  But that 30 minutes I spend planning my time out allows me to see whether I really have time to get everything done next week or not.  It allows me to see when I have conflicts of time, or priorities.  There isn’t a more valuable 30 minutes in my entire week.

Only intentionality will move the ball forward.

If you want a copy of my simple planning template (I will even send you an example of what I do), comment here that you would like it.  

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