For every small business we see close there is also:

An insurance agent that loses a client.

An accountant that loses a client.

A bookkeeper who loses a client.

A marketing vendor who loses a client.

Multiple equipment vendors who lose a client.

An air conditioning maintenance vendor who loses a client.

A handy man who loses a client.

A third party payroll supplier who loses a client.

An IT contractor who loses a client.

While some businesses can’t survive something as bizarre as what we have recently been through, most could with proper diligent pre-planning.

My mission is to make 100 small businesses bullet-proof over the next 4 years. I can’t wait to learn their stories, and I can’t wait to share their stories of triumph. These are 100 small business owners that are strangers out there feeling overwhelmed, and knowing that it could be better. It is exciting to think of the accomplishment that these business owners will feel when a strong financial foundation has been built.

I am doing a series of 31 Days to Freedom in Your Business. Daily in July I will post something you can change in the way you do business to start to feel freedom. My dream is for business owners to feel like they are in control of their businesses instead of their businesses being in control of them. Join me.

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