Day 20 of 31 Days to Freedom in Your Business

There are good times and bad times to hire.  But the worst time to hire is two weeks after you need the person to start.  You are at least four weeks late if you do that.

Don’t wait to hire skilled employees or someone who will need training until you are so swamped that you are struggling to meet the needs of your clients and customers.

Decide now (when you aren’t so insanely busy that you go back to the office after dinner) what your income must be so that you can take a small hit when you hire someone new that must be trained.  If you are doing things correctly, your new hire won’t be producing any real revenue generating work for at least a couple of weeks.  But once they are properly trained, the value they bring will help your business grow.

Think of the things you do that you could pass off.

Know what things you would want someone else to do once they are trained.

I know exactly what I want someone else to do.  I bet that you do, too.

Start imagining who the person is who would thrive doing those tasks.

Start looking now, because, with any luck, you won’t have time later.

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