Day 21 of 31 Days to Freedom in Your Business

Yesterday we talked about hiring in time.  Along those same lines, a common question is, “When should I outsource work?”

Some things are obvious to outsource.  I don’t know any doctors that do their own electrical work.  Others are a bit more challenging to decide.  The options are endless.  I can make my own website.  I can post my own social media.  I can handle my own books.  I can create the closed captions for my YouTube videos.  I can prepare and file my own taxes.

Entrepreneurs are DIY to the core.  They get in to business because they feel like they can do things.  And they really really can.  But sometimes they use duct tape when they should have screwed something together.

When you start you have time.  Later (fingers crossed, and if you aren’t filing your own taxes) you’ll have money.  So, how do you decide what to outsource.

Start with business functions that reduce your productivity.  If handling your books makes you feel good, but opening Canva to create social media graphics makes your cringe, start with the social media graphics.

Always be evaluating anything that is taking away from you doing what you get paid to do whether in time or in energy.

Outsourcing is the future. 

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