Day 22 of 31 Days to Freedom in Your Business

Yesterday we talked about outsourcing.  In my opinion, ground zero for outsourcing is hiring a payroll company.  And make it a good one.

This is simply something that just isn’t worth doing in-house.  100% of my clients use a payroll company.  And 100% of my clients only input hours for their employees each pay period.

That’s all.

No filing tax reports.  No paying the payroll taxes.  No calculations.  

And, the best part is that they don’t have to keep up with anything that changes.  

PPP forgiveness information?  Done.

CARES Act FMLA changes?  No problem. 

26 pay periods, but health insurance is paid monthly.  Easy peasy.

Sudden payroll tax credit for people with red hair?  No biggie.

It doesn’t cost that much, and there are too many good options to do it yourself.

Let me know if you need some direction.  

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